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Maintenance & Repair

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We also carry out PAT Testing for our clients, you may require PAT Testing if you are business large or small and individual traders like landlords.

Legislation requires that electrical installations are maintained in a safe condition, and this lends itself to periodic inspection & testing.

Licencing authorities, public bodies, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and others may require inspection & testing of electrical installations,as is for example in the case for houses in multiple occupation.

Additionally, periodic inspection & testing should be considered in the following circumstances.

  • to assess compliance with Electrical Wiring Regulations BS7671 2015

  • on a change of occupancy of the premises i.e. buying & selling or renting out

  • on a change of use of the premises

  • after additions or alterations to the original installation

  • where there is a significant change (increase) in the electrical loading of the installation

  • where there is reason to believe that damage may have been caused to the installation, as might be the case for example after flooding 

Electrical problems occur when least expected, most common faults are a result from rodent damage, faulty fuse's or RCD's, loose terminals in fuseboards, sockets and switches, DIY work and insulation break down around old cables.  Here at PD Electrical, we are very experienced in carrying out faulting finding in domestic and commercial properties and have done for many years.

If you have an electrical problem, then contact us now.

If you have an electrical problem, then contact us now.

we are able to offer a fast and efficient call-out service.

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